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Barclays Launchpad


Barclays Launchpad*This app is invite only, however, you can still download the app to let us know youre interested and well get in touch as soon as we can.*
Barclays Launchpad is an app that lets you trial new features and leave feedback – your thoughts will help to shape the future of mobile banking. We want you to use Barclays Launchpad to do your day-to-day banking and you’ll have early access to upcoming features. You can help us decide what we build into to our full mobile banking app.
How to register
If you’ve received an invite in Barclays Mobile Banking, please download the app and follow the instructions. You’ll need to have an active Barclays Mobile Banking registration on the same device. Make sure you have your Barclays Mobile Banking 5-digit PIN ready to complete the process.

- Access to core banking functions – such as payments and transfers
- Access to exciting new features and ideas
- Speedy Log-in – a new way to log in to online banking
- Leave your feedback
- More features added over time – and all the while, you’ll be able to use the app and Barclays Mobile Banking

If you’re invited to join Barclays Launchpad, you can help Barclays to transform the mobile banking experience.